Food Diary – 15 April 2011


1 pack granola bar

2 wheat bread with cheese

2 glasses of water


1/2 cup of coffee


2 servings of spicy garlic eggplant

1 glass of water


2 glasses of water


1 grass jelly soy milk

10 pieces of red grapes

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4 thoughts on “Food Diary – 15 April 2011

  1. Way to go! Are you keeping track of the calories? I do it now every day with the online food diary I told you about once. Every day I’m shocked by how many cals I consume! I’m now on 1150 and I haven’t eaten dinner yet! Will probably have midnight snack cravings too, wish me luck!

  2. yea! im keeping track of it. im suppose to eat below 1000 calories. Maximum is 1200😛

  3. and oh! good luck!

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